A walk through the Vanoise.

We arrived by an afternoon train to Landry in wet weather. All a bit gloomy when we sought out a place to pitch our tent and where the soggy ground conditions told us that a fair amount of rain had fallen recently. We were about to follow the GR55 route that can be followed through to Modane and where there would be trains coming through the tunnel from Italy.....ideal for us to get back to Geneva for our return on the Easy Jet service to Edinburgh.  The GR55 can be used as a more direct route as part of the GR5 trail that links Lac Leman to the Mediterranean. The following morning with rain still falling we  decided to head up to a camping site Le Lanchettes, close to the Refuge at Rosuel, and wait for a change in the conditions. After a couple of days the clouds parted and revealed the white covering of the terrain to where we would be walking.
                                    A peep into the hills above Rosuel refuge
                                 Heading up towards the refug…

A Walk from East to West from Moriani to Cargese.

The Mare a Mare Nord route. Entre mer et montagne.